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As a distributor independent from any manufacturer, we can better focus on the actual needs of our customers. We won't bind you to a line-card, but offer you exactly the components which completely harmonize with your technical and commercial circumstances.




Broad Portfolio

We deliver to you all kinds of electronic components: passive, active, discreet and electromechanical components


Manufacturer-independent supply

Depending on your actual needs, we will advice you and supply you with cost-efficient products by many different manufacturers – from A as in "ALLEGRO" to Z as in "ZILOG".


Technical support

Our technical background helps us to better understand your procedures in the area of logistics and production and to discuss with you possible alternatives and comparative solutions in order to develop from this approach high quality solutions and cost advantages strategically.


Long-term material supply

In order to guarantee the long-term supply of the by you needed materials, we offer framework agreements for your convenience as well as proper advice on strategical parts.


Programing services

To shorten the terms associated with manufacturing, above all when it comes to the master sample approvals and pilot series, we are offering the in-house programming of semiconductors in small quantities.


Component preparation

For the ideal adjustment on your specific production environment, we take over the repackaging efforts in cooperation with external partners  (e.g., to belt) as well as the mechanic processing of the components delivered by us (among other things cut to length, transforming, beading).

Manufacturer Overview

As an independent distributor, we sell components of all manufacturers.

Below, you may find an extract from our program:



Processors, Chipsets, Memory chips

Manufacturers website


Mikrocontroller, Touch Solutions, Wireless Connectivity, Smart Energy, Speicher (EEPROM), Treiber und Sensoren, Sicherheits-ICs, Programmierbare Logik, Analog Companions (PMAAC), Rad Hart, Digital Broadcast



Pasive : Capacitors (MLCC, Foil, Niobium Oxid, Polymer, Tantal), Supercaps, Broadband Components, Circuit Protection, Diodes, Filters, Inductors, Resistors, RF/Microwave Components, Thermistors, Timing Devices, Varistors

Electromechanic : Connectors


Activ : Encoders, Hybrid Microcircuits,

Discrete : Transitors, Diodes,

Passive : Resistor (Precision, Power, Network), Potentiometer (Panel, Linear, Motor, Multi-Turn, Single-Turn, Slide, Trimmer), Magnetics, ,

Electromechanic :Switches, Turns Counting Dials

Sensors : Rotary, Steering



Products from AVAGO Technology

Optoelectronics, Optocoupler, LED's, LED-Dispaly, PCIe Switsches and Briges, Fiber Optic, optical sensors


Diodes and Rectifiers, Transistors, Multi Discrete Modules, Protection Devices, MOSFETs/JFETs, Thyristors


Earphones, Horns, Loudspeakers, Microphones, Piezo Discs, Sensors, Signal Generators, Vibration Motors.



Activ : AC-DC Converters, DC-DC Converters, LED Drivers, Motor Control, Gate Drivers, Sensors, Battery Management, Low Dropout Regulators, Protected Switches, Audio, Standard Linear Products, Digital Broadcast, Logic IC's

Discrete : MOSFETs, Bipolar Transistors, Diodes and Rectifiers, Protection Devices, Functional Arrays

Gleichrichter, Dioden, Brückengleichrichter, Arrays, Transistoren, Diacs.


Crystal and Cystal Oscillators Temperature Compensated (TCXO), Voltage Controlled (VCXO), Oven Controlled (OCXO), Real Time Clock Module, Sensors.





Integrated Cuircuits for Power Management, Sensing and Signal Conditioning, Interface, Communications, Display, Video, Data Compression and Security


Logic-ICs, Analog & Mixed Signal ICs, Trasistor (Field Effect, Bipolar), IGBTs, Diodes, Rectifiers, Circuit Protection Devices, Lighting ICs, Optoelectronics, Power Management, Power Modules, Sensors


Relays, Switches


Industrial and PCB Connectors


Activ : Microcontroller, Voltage Regulators, DC-DC Converters, Lighting ICs, Silicon Carbide, ASICs, Interface

Discrete : Transistors, Diodes, MOSFET, IGBT, Low-Side & High-Side Switches, , Thyristors, Diodes, Motor Control, AC-DC Converter, Solid State Relays, ESD, Surge und Fuse, HiRel, RF & Wireless Control (Antenna Tuners , RF Transistoren, RF Diodes, RF Power, Low Noise Amplifier, Wireless Control)

Sensors :Position, Speed, Current, 3D Image, Radar, Pressure


Activ : Microcontroller, Voltage Regulators, DC-DC Converters, Lighting ICs, Silicon Carbide, ASICs, Interface

Discrete : Transistors, Diodes, MOSFET, IGBT, Low-Side & High-Side Switches, , Thyristors, Diodes, Motor Control, AC-DC Converter, Solid State Relays, ESD, Surge und Fuse, HiRel, RF & Wireless Control (Antenna Tuners , RF Transistoren, RF Diodes, RF Power, Low Noise Amplifier, Wireless Control)

Sensors :Position, Speed, Current, 3D Image, Radar, Pressure


Acquired from Infineon

MOSFETs, DC-DC-Wandler, EMI Filter, Spannungsregler, Solid State Relais, Schottkys Dioden, IGBT


Capacitors (Caramic, Tantalum, Polymer, Electrolyitc, Foil, Super), EMI (Cores, Filters), Ferrite Products, Flex Suppressors, Inductors, Piezo Actuators, Relays, Transformers/Magnetics


LED, Displays, Infrared LED, Light Pipe, Photo Interrupters


LED, Displays, Infrared LED, Light Pipe, Photo Interrupters


Acquired in 2016 from Analog Devices

Integrated Cuircuit for Signal Conditioning, Data Conversion, Power Management, Monitor, Control and Protection, Interface, RF & Wireless, Timing, Wireless Sensor Networks


LED (SMD and Through Hole), LCD and LED Displays, OLED, Backlight, Arrays, Lamps, Light Pipes


Microcontrollers, Amplifies and Linear ICs, Automotive Connectivity, Clock and Timing, Data and Video Transceivers, Data Converters, Development Tool, Display and LED Drivers, Embedded Controllers and Super I/O, High Speed Communications, High Voltage Interface, Interface and Networking, Legacy 8051/80C51 MCUs, Memory, Motor Drivers, Power Management, Real-Time Clock, CO an Smoke Detector ICs, Thermal Management, Touch and Input Sensing, Ultrasound Products, Wireless

SMD Thinfilm- and Thickfimresistors, Resistor Networks


Activ : RF-Switch

Passive : Resistors, Thermistors, Capacitors, Inductors, Filter (AC Line, EMI, EMV, Ferrite, Cores), ESD-Protection Components, Sound-Components (Piezo), RFID/NFC Components, Balun, LC-Coupler, Phase Shifter, SAW-Components, Isolators

Electromechanic : Microfan, Piezoelectric Actuator, Micro Coaxial Connectors

Sensors : Temperatur, Ultrasonic, Infrared, Light, Pressure, Vibration

Module : RF-Module, Ioniser, Oxygen-Moduls (Ozonisatoren)


Activ : Processors (ARM), Microcontrollers, Transistors, Filter, Logic Components, Mifare, NFC, I²C, Media Processing (AM/FM Radio, Audio Amplifier, Data Converter, Demodulators, Tuners), Power Management (AC-DC ans DC-DC Converter, Battery Control, Measurement, Motor Control, Light Driver and Controller, Linear- and Switsching Regulators, Wireless Charging, Sensors.

Discrete : Tranistors (Bipolar, MOSFET), Dioden(Zener, TVS)



Relays, Connectors, Switsch, Micro Switsch




Aktiv : Analog, Logik und Timing Bausteine, Mikrocontroller, Operationsverstärker, Speicher, Interface Bausteine, AD-DC und DC-DC Kontroller und Regler, LED-Treiber, Motorsteuerung, Spannungs und Stromregler, Batterieladekontroller, Spannungsreferenzen, Spannungsüberwachung, Sensoren (Immage Sensoren/Processoren, Licht, Berührung, Temperatur)

Diskret : Trasistoren(Standard, Bipolar, Digital, Datlington), Dioden (Gleichrichter, Schottky, Schalter, Tuning, Zener, TVS, ESD, EMI), IGBT, JFET, MOSFET, Thyristoren



Activ : Interface und Communication, Sensors (Grid-EYE, Light, Moving, Magnetc, Position, Pressure)

Discrete : Diodes, MOSFET, LED's

Passive : Capacitor (Aluminium Electrolytic, Folien, Polymer, Double Layer, Gold Capacitor) Resistors, Inductors, EMI-Filter, Varistors, Thermistors, Fuses

Electromechanic : Relay, Sitch, Connectors


Connectors, PressFit Solutions (MAS-CON, HI-CON, LAT-CON), Switsches, Micro-Switsch, Power Tab Connecors, Foil Capacitors




PCB Terminal Blocks and Connectors, Terminal Blocks, Marking and Labeling

Potentiometer, Trimmer, Positionssensoren (Resistiv, Hall Effekt, Ein- und Mehrgang), Kodierer und Schalter


Keylock Switches and Priority Keylock Switches, Signal Lamps, PCB Keyswitches, Short-Travel Keyswitches, Full-Travel Keyswitches


Active : Memory, Amplifiers, Power Management, Clocks and Timers, Switches and Multiplexers, Logic, Data Converter, Digital Power, Display Drivers, Motor and Actuator Drivers, Interface, Communication LSI [LAPIS], Audio and Video, Speech Synthesis LSI [LAPIS], Microcontrollers [LAPIS]), Remote Control Receiver

Discrete : Transistors, Diodes, SiC, IGBT, IPM, Opto Devices (LED, LED Displays, Laser Diodes, Optical Sensors, IrDA Infrared Communication)

Passive : Resistors, Tantalum Capacitors


Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC), Resistors, Filter, Inductors




Capacitor (Foil, Electrolytic, Power, E-Cap), EMI Filter, Ferrite, Cores, Inductors, Varistors, Transformer


Ciruit Protection (Fuses, Fuse Holder), Connectors, Switches, EMC Produkts (Suppression Chokes, Pulse Transformers)


Circuit Protection, Fuses (Ultra-Rapid, High-Voltage, Low-Voltage, Miniature


Spansion the formaly Joint Venture from AMD and Fujitsu is merged with Cypress


Memory (NOR, NAND, HyperRAM, Nonvoltale RAM, Synchrone- und Asynchrone SRAM)


Activ : Microcontroller (Video, Display, Imaging und Fotinic, NFC, Embedded), Analog, Logic, Audio, Power, Infotainment, Telematic, Timer, Counter, Dataconverter, Interfaces, Tranceiver, Amplifiers, Comparators, Motor Drivers, MEMS, Sensors, Supervisors, Power Managment, Swhitch, Multiplexers, Wireless Connectivity, Memory

Discrete : Transistors, Diodes (TVS), Rectifiers , EMI-Filter, Thyristors, Radio Frequency Transistors


Connectors, Heat Shrink Tubing, Power Systems, Terminals and Splices, Application Tooling, EMI Filters, Identification and Labeling, Relays, Contactors und Switches, Wire and Cable, Fiber Optics, Sensors, Circuit Protection, Passive Components


Activ : Voltage Regulators, Switches, Load Switches, Multiplexers

Passive : Capacitor(Aluminium Elektrolytic, Ceramic, Foil, Tantalum, Energy Storage), Resistors(Fixed, Networks and Arrays, Thermistors, Varistors, Potentiometers, Trimmers), Inductors, Crystals

Discrete : Diodes und Rectifier, Thyrisors, MOSFETs, Optoelektronics (Oprocoupler, IR Receiver and Trasmitter, LED's, Solid-State Relay, 7-Segment Displays)

Sensors : Position, Temperature, Light


Resistors, Capacitors (Aluminium Elektrolytc, Ceramic), Inductors

Five reasons for TronicPool


Cost Efficiency



Fast and reliable delivery



High advisory skills



Broad portfolio